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Q: I am under the order, how long can it be shipped for your company?

A: After your order is approved, the goods need five days to sent to you directly from our warehouse, you will receive a notification message when I sent.

Q: After the issue of goods, but also how long can I receive?

A: After the issue of goods from Hong Kong warehouse, according to Chinese customs practice, it takes about 3-5 days for customs clearance procedures, customs clearance period, you may query information relevant courier less progress status. After clearance of goods, will be transferred to the normal domestic express, if you are not in remote and isolated areas, usually 3 working days will be delivered to your hands. Orders node icon Delivery time:

Q: Can I choose which payment method?

Answer: to remind you that this product does not support cash on delivery, you can use the online payment to pay by bank transfer or other means.

Q: How to solve after-sale problems, can return?

A: This product does not currently support a replacement, if found quality problems, please return the application buffet from 7 days of receipt date. Please make sure that when you return, goods not touched, and when you use the package to maintain the status quo for sale, if a gift, please be returned. If you return the kit only some of the goods, we need to handle your return after you return the suit remaining goods.

Q: Why is there out?

A: hot commodity out of stock out of stock, is the site of each brand will appear. Foreign goods because the time difference, you can not completely avoid this problem. Please complete the order as soon as possible, so that we can provide services as soon as possible. If individual commodities out of stock, we will work in three days of SMS notification to you.

Q: Sharetop Returns to handle a range of products?

A: In addition to the following conditions can not handle returns, other cases can properly handle the return:

A. Only to return, not a replacement of goods, including:

"Clearance of goods", "spike commodity" logo merchandise only return, do not provide replacement services;

B. Non-quality problems can not return;

C. All affect the secondary sales of goods (if using signs, etc.);

D. Returning the documents are not complete;

E. Return Merchandise lack Sharetop logo.

Q: Sharetop Returns handling time limit?

Answer: Sharetop promise to return in the range of goods, from customers of the receipt of goods within 7 days from the date of application for return within 15 days to apply for a replacement.

Q: Sharetop How refund / replacement?

A: Since return can apply within 7 days within 15 days can apply for a replacement since the date of your receipt of goods. Please login Sharetop official website www.xyt-tech.com Contact aftermarket buffet refund / exchange service, with purchases related documents can be handled Returns.

Q: Submit retirement / replacement Sharetop after application, how to return merchandise? Send to shipping how to count?

A: Your application approved for return, we will call, SMS or QQ notify your return address, please return the goods freight prepaid. Quality causes withdrawal / replacement, return the freight borne by Sharetop, the maximum reimbursement $ 15, shipping orders when you have paid will be returned; the causes of non-quality back / replacement, from the freight by you commitment.

Q: After the refund / exchange, how the money refunded? When returning them?

A: We will receive your goods go through two days of returning complete refunds, payments will be based on unspecified Sharetop returned back to the relevant account.


1, due to your personal causes damage and improper storage of goods, normal wear items are not returnable;

2, unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation caused by product quality problems, or torn, altered labels, security tags, etc. will not be returned;

3, sales of goods free gift, a combination of sales of goods, gifts, packaged goods can not be part of the return;

4. If the customer without Sharetop handle returns apply directly return the goods Sharetop, Sharetop not assume custody and re-delivery, refund liability, if necessary, the right to dispose of the residence Sharetop merchandise;

5.due to quality issue to return applications received by the Division I success simultaneously sent you a confirmation message, you can return the goods the following information;

Mailing address:  4th Floor,A1 Building,Puhua Science and Technology Park,Industrial Park Road,Dalang Street,Longhua District of Shenzhen City

Recipient: Sharetop (please indicate the sender's name and reason and contact telephone)

Zip Code: 518109

Tel: + 86-400-876-5299

6, you can choose their own courier company to return merchandise, you can choose from the following delivery, with better service and support progress online inquiry service.

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