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Supplier Management:

The company's development needs the support and cooperation of the supplier, the supplier to grow with us, to build a harmonious, healthy, win-win cooperation model is the principle supplier management company. Purchase of materials and services to the production company responsible for the company's purchasing department needed to support the company's business operations. Sharetop require our suppliers to provide high-quality, competitively priced products / services to meet customer needs Sharetop in quality, cost, and on-time delivery area.

Our new supplier certification basic requirements:

1) meet the requirements of environmental protection;

2) comply with legal and regulatory requirements;

3) Sharetop products meet the technical requirements needed;

4) sustained availability and quality assurance standards.

How do you be Sharetop suppliers:

If you wish to become a partner of Sharetop, and your company's products / parts meet these basic requirements, please contact us with e-mail (address sales001@xyt-tech.com)

Complaints and Suggestions:

If you think to get unfair treatment in the normal course of business dealings, or have any good suggestions to improve the working relationship with suppliers Sharetop, please contact us with e-mail (address sales001@xyt-tech.com)

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