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In order to better meet the growing traffic demand, Sharetop Wanted Partners:

First, the channel requirements:

Sharetop is growing quickly and we also hope that agents can grow together, which requires both sides to the business philosophy and operations

Maintain a high degree of consensus on the strategy, and Sharetop products devoted a large effort to be able to achieve their goals with a professional agent team is a basic condition for success.


Second, the application method:

1. Prepare a detailed description of your company (electronic components), by Email sent to sales001@xyt-tech.com. Company specific format is not limited, but at least the company should cover registration, and business composition of these three areas of content, and indicate the name and contact details;

2.Sharetop will be completed in five working days of receipt of material as audits and contacts with your company contact, inform the audit results.


Third, the Vision: work together, win-win future!

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