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Openness and cooperation, the establishment of distribution agent system is one of the important strategic Sharetop technologies. With a number of strong regional industry agents became stable partnerships to build community marketing strategy to provide more space for the development of the market value for partners to provide customers with a good and more valuable products and services.

Sharetop Technology OEM / ODM business

Has a strong R & D team in the design and manufacture of products and strive to achieve achieve ISO9001 international certification standards, under strict total quality management, in order to maintain a stable high-quality products; Sharetop technology accumulated years of professional design capabilities and manufacturing technology outside except In the development of new technologies and new product research and development is sparing no effort, hopes to use the latest technology for the best customer service. Our main products are: CWDM coarse wavelength-division / DWDM Dense Wave Division dozen series of large data transmission equipment, access equipment, protocol converters, fiber optic transceivers, optical modules, etc.

What is OEM?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture): Original Equipment Manufacturers in response to customer requirements for our existing products for local processing changes do not involve the mechanical structure, circuit structure, significant changes to the software functions, and require the production of the product into the customer's brand , belong to the category of OEM.

What is ODM?

ODM (Original Design Manufacture): the original developer of customer requirements for our products as a big improvement, modification of the process involves significant changes to the mechanical structure, circuit structure, the software functions, or for customers to redesign based on customer needs processing customized products are within the scope of the ODM.

We will provide high-quality products, perfect solutions, attentive service, and customers, sales channels, partners and suppliers sincere cooperation to achieve win-win, and with fiber billion Technologies is involved in the value chain continue to add value!

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