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Sharetop Technology Co.,ltd is a high-tech corporation specializing in researching and manufacturing broadband networking access equipment,It is located in Shenzhen of China.The product consists of two parts,of which one is active optical products mainly composed of Acitve CWDM and DWDM transmission equipment ,Optic Transceiver,Optical Module, Amplifier,OLP,OBP,Dispersion Compensator etc.the other kind is the passive optical products mainly composed of CWDM,DWDM,PLC Splitter,Optic Coupler,Optic Circulator,Optical Switch etc.

Sharetop has established a good partnership with many institute of Higher learnings  with a certain authority and achievement in fiber optic communication such as Tsinghua University,Tianjin University and Shantou University .It has been attracting many senior technical and management expert who had been engaged in the research ,development and sales of optical fiber.which makes us a better corporation with superb technology,rigorous business attitude,higher professional dedication,and efficient management level.To lay a solid foundation for Sharetop's sustainable development ,we have explored a scientific and strict management system by constantly learning the advanced experience of management inbound and outbound and combining it with our own.

Sharetop technology is dedicated to provide customers with first-class products and quality service,to develop new products continuously according to changes in the market and customer needs,to improve the existing system and expand the market share for the mutual benefits of our partners and a better future.

The concept of enterprise

The image of a company is service and philosophy,only the positive image makes the company keep developing.The motto of our company is"Technology innovation,win-win cooperation,integrity and efficient,first-class service".Here,we promise to treat every customer with first-class service,improve the development of the company with technology innovation,obtain every partner with highly integrity.

The culture of enterprise

We become outstanding in this industry,and we have lots of advantages and rich resources.R&D team and production line are the foundation of our excellent productions and the promise of on-time delivery.Both our accumulated experience in solution designing and production with high standard and high quality help us win more customers.

The profile of enterprise

Insistence may not ensure final success,but giving up is destiny failure.Because of insistence,we have so much achievement;because of insistence,we win the market,However,we still stick to the motto-"Technology innovation,win-win cooperation, integrity and efficient,first-class service".Our company will make efforts to become globally outstanding manufacturer of the optical fiber transmission equipment by keeping moving on,exploring the unknown,and seeking for common development.

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