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Talent Concept:

Core concept: Let people have the opportunity to do something, Let the people who have the ability to do honor things. 

1. the principle of ability and integrity. Selection and use of personnel in accordance with a comprehensive measure, ability and political integrity, insisting that no virtuous is mediocre, talent without virtue is the villain, moral and can be neglected.

2. the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of personnel, we realized the transformation from "horses horses" "choose the horse arena," to, and who did the best we reuse them as a talent; otherwise, can only be eliminated.

3."everyone is a talent" . The people who use, eliminating patterns and mysterious, so the person who should amount applies. As long as the right positions to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is a sense of talent.

We follow this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, personality, etc., to arrange a suitable position to the opposite, so that their talent before they do their best to promote the business sustained, rapid and efficient development.

Jobs:Sales Assistant / Sales Engineer / Domestic / Foreign Trade

1. male or female, 21 to 35 years old, college or higher education, high school graduates have industry experience may also be considered;

2. the working active, positive, studious, motivated, accept, comprehend and rapid response capability, good obedience;

3. good communication and written expression capacity, standard Mandarin, outgoing personality, good communication and coordination,With English reading and writing ability is preferred;

4. skilled use of routine office software [such as: Word, Excel, PPT, PS], skilled production and other forms;

5. good ethics and personal integrity;

6. customers have the ability to independently develop, make good use of the network platform, marketing tools.

7. Location: Longhua Big Wave [intended to customs workers, do not send your resume]

8. 5 days a week,8 hours a day, weekend weekend, (the company offers a refrigerator and microwave, noon can bring their own food)

9. monthly basis, salary (2000 to 4500) touching as employees to buy the company for social security.

10. accept resumes mail: sales001@xyt-tech.com

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