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【2019-01-09】100G Coherent CFP Module for Metro Network Applications

Due to the rapid increase of communication traffic, the requirement for core networks to handle larger capacity and longer distance on their links has led to a spread of 100G optical networks. For this environment, service providers are adopting coherent

【2019-01-02】Global Optical Module Sales Analysis: Cold Winter End in 2018 and Warming up in 2019

According to market-related survey data, sales of optical modules for large data centers in 2018 are likely to offset the decline in demand for system applications from telecom operators. Therefore, the overall decline in optical module sales in 2018 will

【2018-12-29】What are the eight types of cable? What's the difference between the five classes, the six, the seven?

We are certainly very familiar with Cat8, Cat8, cat5, cat6 and cat7, but do you know what Cat8 is? What's the difference between Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 cable?

【2018-12-28】Sharetop Technology recently launched bbu-rru 100G optical module high frequency band pretransmission solution

Sharetop Technology recently launched bbu-rru 100G optical module high frequency band pretransmission solution

【2018-12-28】Optical network cutting-edge technology: 100G base-sr4 /CWDM4/PSM4 optical transmission system

Sharetop 100G transmission system provides a powerful solution for the construction of intelligent data center, energy saving and space saving.

【2018-03-28】Sincerely invite you to visit Sharetop Technology in SVIAZ 2018

Welcome to visit our booth: 23E02-- April 24 -27, 2018,Moscow,Russia

【2018-02-23】Sincerely invite you to visit Sharetop Technology in OFC2018

Come visit us at booth 1503, March 13-15 2018 in San Diego, California.

【2017-09-15】Celebrate Sharetop Complete the 2017 China International Optoelectronic Expro(CIOE )

Sharetop Technology atttendes CIOE at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on September 6 - 9.

【2017-07-28】Sincerely invite you to visit Sharetop Technology in CIOE

Sharetop Technology will exhibit in China International Optoelectronic Expro(CIOE) Booth:Hall No.1,1205-1206

【2017-02-06】Celebrate Sharetop Complete 2017 OFC Conference & Exhibition

Sharetop 2017 OFC at 21 – 23 March 2017

【2017-02-01】Celebrate Sharetop complete Convergence India 2017 international Exhibition & Conference

Convergence India 2017——Booth No.C50,Halls 11, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

【2015-06-03】Fibers make a good fit for wearable electronics

Researchers have successfully transferred monolayer graphene to fibers commonly used in the textile industry. The transparent, flexible material could one day be used to create embedded wearable electronics, such as phones, fitness trackers or MP3 players

【2015-06-02】Fiber-optic communication

​The process of communicating using fiber-optics involves the following basic steps: Creating the optical signal involving the use of a transmitter, relaying the signal along the fiber, ensuring that the signal does not become too distorted or weak, recei

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