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【2019-05-20】Vietnam International Communication Exhibition, June 6, 2019

The Vietnam International Communication Exhibition, co-sponsored by Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Post Communications Corporation VNPT (Vietnam's largest telecommunications operator), is curr

【2019-05-17】The 21th CIEO Exhibition In Shenzhen,Chin

CIOE(China International Optoelectronic Exposition) is world’s most influential exhibition in optoelectronic filed covering the entire optoelectronic ecosystem including optical communications, data center, infrared applications, laser technologies, preci

【2019-05-15】Sharetop teach you to choose optical modules

With the rapid development of optical communication, there are thousands of devices operating in large data centers, of which there are thousands of optical modules. Optical modules convert electrical signals into optical signals, and optical signals can

【2019-04-29】Common Fiber Amplifiers in Optical Transmission

Optical Fiber Amplifier (OFA) refers to a new all-optical amplifier used in optical fiber communication lines for signal amplification.

【2019-04-28】Tips :Please carefully when you use Transceivers

Did you have the problem that loss become bigger in transceiver module using ? I guess you know the each attenuation everywhere on the optical link will affect the performance in transmission,so how can you ensure all the operation is surefire?

【2019-04-22】Large data center interconnection (T-class optical transmission scheme)

Compared with the T-class transmission built by Huawei ZTE's large-scale OTN equipment, it has obvious price advantage.

【2019-04-12】Introduction and application of sharetop transmission optical module

In the tide of Internet technology, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G strictly adhere to the list of hot words in the scientific and technological circles, which are inseparable from the development of ultra-high-speed optical fiber t

【2019-04-02】100G SOA Optical Amplifier

The SOA amplifier board is a semiconductor optical amplifier module designed by Sharetop and developed to solve the O-band optical signal amplification problem. It is compatible with different speeds of 100G/40G/10G service signals. The gain bandwidth ran

【2019-01-09】100G Coherent CFP Module for Metro Network Applications

Due to the rapid increase of communication traffic, the requirement for core networks to handle larger capacity and longer distance on their links has led to a spread of 100G optical networks. For this environment, service providers are adopting coherent

【2019-01-02】Global Optical Module Sales Analysis: Cold Winter End in 2018 and Warming up in 2019

According to market-related survey data, sales of optical modules for large data centers in 2018 are likely to offset the decline in demand for system applications from telecom operators. Therefore, the overall decline in optical module sales in 2018 will

【2018-12-29】What are the eight types of cable? What's the difference between the five classes, the six, the seven?

We are certainly very familiar with Cat8, Cat8, cat5, cat6 and cat7, but do you know what Cat8 is? What's the difference between Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 cable?

【2018-12-28】Sharetop Technology recently launched bbu-rru 100G optical module high frequency band pretransmission solution

Sharetop Technology recently launched bbu-rru 100G optical module high frequency band pretransmission solution

【2018-12-28】Optical network cutting-edge technology: 100G base-sr4 /CWDM4/PSM4 optical transmission system

Sharetop 100G transmission system provides a powerful solution for the construction of intelligent data center, energy saving and space saving.

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