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Optical Bypass Protection Interface Card

Category: OBP interface card
Code:       Optical Bypass Protection Interface Card

Product description:

The OSS optical protection service board is a kind of protection board used for ensuring the secure communication of important optical fiber routes and devices. The optical path selection device at the sending end selects the optical channels for sending, and the optical signal can only go along the working channel or the spare channel 2 Choose 1 to send. Real-time monitoring of active and standby optical fibers (and optical power meter monitoring at the same time) can be provided to avoid the possibility of simultaneous blocking of active and standby optical fibers.


Support single-mode and multi-mode optical routing protection

Support optical protection pick any one of two

Support automatic and handwork

Support optical power monitoring range: -50dBm ~ + 23dBm

Support interface: SC / APC, SC / PC, LC / APC, LC / PC.

Supports the function of the state of the electro-optical circuit

Support local and remote control functions

Support SNMP network management





Operating wavelength   range

1310±50nm and 1550±50nm

Dynamic range of optical   power

23-50 dBm</span

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