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2U WDM Transmission System

Category: 2U WDM transmission
Code:       XYT-2U-1628

Products description

2U chassis adopt a new design, single chassis supports 6 general service slots +2 network management slot, front panel of each service card unit can be flexible access, not limited by slot. There are many kinds of service unit card, single card integrated more interfaces, the same system capacity, have higher equipment compactness, smaller footprint, improve system integration, effectively saving computer room space. There are 8 slots in the chassis and 6 front and 2 behind. The front all can be equipped with service cards. The NMC card only can be inserted into the slot on the right side of the front panel or the slot on the behind panel.All slot support card hot-swappable. At present, the card supported by the chassis are: NMU network management card, OTU service card, OEO card, ODM multiplexer / demultiplexer card, OSU card, EDFA service board, OLP optical line protection card, OSS card, DCM dispersion card.


Flexible networking, smaller footprint, with super-scalability.

Support CWDM / DWDM / EDFA / OLP/ OBP etc Multi model services card hot-swappable.

Support unified management all services cards, also support each service card individually controlled or managed.

Support single fiber unidirectional, single fiber bi-directional, dual fiber bi-directional, ring network etc variety of networking methods.

1 + 1 dual power supply redundant backup, support hot swappable. Support AC and DC power supply optional.

Good thermal design: In addition to power supply box itself cooling fan, the chassis built four high-performance cooling fan, to ensure the reliability of equipment operation.

The maximum can support 6 services cards and 2 network management cards.




Technical specification

Wavelength range

Conforms ITU-I G.694.1, ITU-T G692, ITU-T G.695 standards

Service access type




Optical interface transmission method

2.5Gbit service card adopt 2R transmission mode,each channel supports transparent transmission below the rate of 2.5Gbit / s. Adopt 3R transmission mode,each channel rate supports 155Mbit / s, 622Mbit / s, 1.25Gbit / s or 2.5Gbit / s optional, 10Gbit service cards adopt 3R transmission mode, each channel rate supports 1.25Gbit / s, 2.5Gbit / s, 4.25Gbit / s, 6.25Gbit / s, 8.25Gbit / s, 10Gbit / s optional;

Physical network topology

Point to point, point to multipoint,chain, ring, single fiber bi-directional

Fiber type

G.652  G.655 G.653 no advocated

Network management methods


Mechanical parameters

physical dimension

2U chassis88H*350D*438W(mm)


Full with a weight of not more than 25 kg

Working environment

Operating temperature

-10℃– 60℃

Relative humidity

5% – 95% no condensation

Storage environment

Ambient temperature

-40℃– 80℃

Relative humidity

5% – 95% no condensation

Power requirements

220V AC,50Hz or -48V DC

Safety and EMC

Conforms FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standards

Power consumption


Note: 1. The equipment itself with network management by default, the difference is whether included with network management card.

Sale service

Products damaged due to human or non-use of other causes of improper,we promises one year warranty and lifetime maintenance,but the unauthorized disassembly equipment caused damage is not covered under warranty and returned within range.
Under normal use,if there are product quality problems,or not work normally,we provide free repair or replacement service within one year;Within three years more than one year,we provide to collect the material cost,maintenance free.
Repair warranty period of three years from the freight borne by each of the parties.After three years of warranty,the material cost,maintenance,freight(refers to the product of the two-way shipping to and from)shall be borne by the user.
We promise that the product we provide can meet the performance requirements of users , and it is supplied by the user's sample request.

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