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HFC transformation solutions

With the pace of development of triple play, our Tv network and television operators began a two-way network upgrade, the purpose is to achieve the triple play to establish a stable and reliable transmission platform, build a good platform for the development of broadband Internet services.

The status of bidirectional transformation of Tv network and television networks 

Bidirectional transformation of Tv network and television networks, namely the original one-way HFC network downlink broadcast channel based on the increased uplink (return) channel. At present, two-way Tv network and television network transformation program, there are two major, CMTS + CATV and PON-based rehabilitation programs based.

CMTS + CATV rehabilitation programs require the original large-scale two-way HFC network transformation, including the upstream fiber, power amplifier, two-way transformation, increasing uplink optical transmitters and other reconstruction effort and input costs are very large.

PON-based two-way network transformation in the last home is based on different carriers, namely the choice of five lines, coaxial cable or optical fiber, the program can be divided into PON + LAN, PON + EOC, FTTH.

In the above networking, PON + EOC technology combines the most extensive Tv network and television coverage of wireline - coaxial cable, with a high bandwidth, low cost line transformation, low cost coverage, low cost per household, and network maintenance facilities and other advantages . But also reflects the broadcasting its own characteristics, becoming a two-way Tv network and television network transformation to meet the NGB era of technology of choice.

At present, China's Tv network and television operators to deploy EPON has a considerable scale, faced with the rapid development of business needs, the smooth evolution of existing EPON network will become a reality after two or three years, 10G EPON is the only way to achieve a smooth upgrade of existing EPON network evolution The technology is important to select Tv network and television network operators to follow construction. Widely predicted, 10G EPON will be officially launched at the 2013 scale deployments. 10G EPON sentence summary of the technical characteristics: high bandwidth (up to symmetrical 10G), large splitting ratio (up to 1: 256 splitter), EPON smooth compatibility and mature industry chain, for Tv network and television operators to solve the fast, flexible, low cost broadband network construction problems. Specifically, 10G EPON provide higher bandwidth, saving trunk fiber, compatible with EPON operation and maintenance, to meet user demand for bandwidth access 20M or more at an increased cost of a few cases, to solve the Tv network access network bandwidth needs substantial improvement Demand has an immediate effect.

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