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OEO applications

OEO repeaters in long-distance optical fiber communication transmission system loss and signal distortion and noise elimination device compensated optical signal. In the light transmission optical signal regeneration, amplification, shaping, using light - electricity - light conversion principle optical signal regeneration, to solve the optical fiber transmission distance exceeds the capacity of the transmission distance equipment problem, you can quickly and easily deploy a network and conduct business. Low cost, low power, small size, easy to install and many other advantages, is a low-price, high-performance solution for transmission equipment.

Solution Description

1. the first point A to configure a OEO, OEO switch port configuration multimode module, another port configuration 120km module, single multi-mode converters, and to achieve 90km transmission.

2. the relay station OEO 120km left to configure dual-fiber module, left to relay 90km, 100km Bidirectional right to configure the module to achieve the right to relay 75km, and to achieve Single fiber converter, fiber resources to solve the problem of insufficient.

3. B-node configuration of a OEO, OEO switch port configuration multimode module, another port configuration 100km Bidirectional module, a single multi-mode converters, and to achieve 75km transmission.

The solved problem:

1. A single multi-mode converters.

2. long-distance transmission, power amplification, signal regeneration and wavelength shaping, re-timing clock.

3. Single fiber converters save fiber resources to address the shortage of optical resources.

OEO and the WDM applications

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