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Information collection applications

Power system has access points scattered field complex environment, the access point expansion variation in the characteristics of communications access systems require reliable, convenient expansion and optimal cost. EPON as a full IP-based broadband optical access system, there can be a star, F-type, a font, and other networking, can well meet the access needs of the power system.

The system provides the basic application (including: collection points set up, data collection and management, orderly power, control management fee), advanced applications (including: distribution transformer monitoring, line loss analysis), operation and management (including: file management, health , exception handling, duty logs, site management), statistical query (including: data query and analysis, collection points integrated query, ticket query, reporting queries, operational monitoring), system management (including: rights management, password management, code management, Template Management) and other five application modules.

The system uses a unified collection platform designed to support a variety of communication channels and terminal types, realize the collection of information for all users of electricity, including large-scale post-change users, small and medium sized user specifically changed, urban and rural users, and other measurement collection points, such as small hydro, small thermal power Internet gateway, tracking mark, various types of measurement points substation. With a wide range of large collection points, channel diversity, multi-vendor terminal type, unified collection of features on a single platform to achieve full coverage of electricity users.

By using this system can be put into improving timely meter reading rate, reduce manual meter reading errors, achieve user electricity monitor, detect abnormal electrical timely warning, while enabling the calculation of line loss analysis.



EPON solutions for the energy information collection system has the following advantages:

1. File Management: management agencies, network equipment, measuring devices, terminals, power user files and operating personnel, role permissions management.

2. Data Query: the collected information to query users of electricity, including active power, reactive power, active power, power factor, voltage, current, load curve, load data such extremes.

3. Higher network performance: fiber access technology to provide greater bandwidth and more reliable network, more secure network.

4. Richer functionality: good network reliability, real-time, not only to carry out the existing meter reading services, but also for remote meter control, real-time charges, TOU, time-pricing and so on.

5. Better Scalability: the powerful network platform can also carry water meters, gas meters, meter reading services Heating table, they can conduct home security, automation, telemedicine, online payment and other value-added services.

6. SMS alerts: via SMS platform settings for users of electricity abnormal data SMS alerts sent directly to the relevant personnel phone.

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