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EPON + LAN Solutions

EPON + LAN: IP services and CATV signals are transmitted to the user at home by OLT, ONU optical transport networks and existing coaxial network.

EPON + LAN: network access bandwidth: 1000M to the district, 100M to the corridor, 10M households, access to high bandwidth, scalability, and can carry the entire business operations.

EPON + LAN: optical transmission using EPON technology, the transmission link is implemented without active equipment, easy to maintain, operate two networks at the same time, a single network fault phase of each other.

Product rich: The current unusually rich LAN products, the price is very low; EPON product support numerous manufacturers, related products compatibility, prices are significantly lower.

Smooth upgrade compatible devices, EPON smooth upgrade to 10GEPON, compatible with previous terminal equipment, are not mutually affect access to broadband services.

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