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DWDM applications

XYT’s high-speed, large-capacity WDM transmission system, the number of channels up to 48 waves, the highest rate of single-channel 40Gbit / s, the total capacity of 1920Gbit, can best meet the operators and large capacity ultra-long haul transmission requirements, is straining the resources to deal with the cable the best solution.

MAN combines high bandwidth demand, transmission distance is short features,  XYT developed G.652, G.653, G.655 fiber DWDM equipment, 5U + 1U architecture, modular design, upgrade and expansion convenience; it continues the high bandwidth DWDM technology, also has multi-service interface, low cost, low power consumption, small size and many other advantages, it has a very broad application prospects in metro optical networks.

1, DWDM point to point applications:

Point to point topology, devices with limited fiber resources, reuse the original several times to achieve bandwidth between two points in the two-way multi-service aggregation, has greater bandwidth than CWDM capacity.


2. DWDM ring-shaped network

Use multiple channels to achieve business-wave symmetry ring network, the main route service interruption in dual-fiber resources, the business automatically switch to alternate routes, and business side and the MSP group ring protection to ensure stable transmission services, to improve the stability of the system while DWDM’s each channel independently, communicate with each other without interference, increase business capacity, saving fiber resources while ensuring the safety of the traffic signal, stability, fully embodies the advantages of WDM.

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