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Commercial building solutions

While large enterprises continue to develop its network scale is constantly expanding, due to its own business needs, in different regions has a branch or branches, interconnected to form between the local large Intranet and distributed throughout the country's Intranet a more extensive network. Such a network of networks connected to the corporate network for enterprises to improve efficiency and increase the competitiveness of enterprises, as such networks face more complex security problems. First, the need to ensure the safety of the local network, while confidential information transmission problems headquarters and branches, between branches, as well as facilities management group, such a network environment generally present the following security risks and requirements.



1. To achieve data interoperability between headquarters and branch offices transregional.

2. Ensure ERP, CRM and other applications running on enterprise networks.

3. increasingly frequent attacks within the network, ARP virus seriously disrupt the normal work.

4. Network bearer service is quite complex, including IP data, voice, data, video surveillance data.

5. Network management personnel quality varies, the need to provide a unified, simple, graphical management tool.


Typical Topology

Program Features

1. Extensive use of high-performance equipment to ensure that the data in the LAN wire-speed forwarding.

2. Globally integrated application bandwidth management, bandwidth management group, to ensure a reasonable allocation of bandwidth, and provides high-quality access to quality as a privileged user.

3. Flexible QOS control to ensure high-quality transmission of audio, video, data.

4. Use DHCPsnooping function arp spoofing barrier at the edge of the network, effectively resist the invasion of arp virus.

5. Support L2TP, PPTP, ipsec and other VPN technology to support EasyVPN functionality requires minimal configuration to complete complex and decentralized network VPN networking, BDCOM product can be achieved, such as the pre-shared key authentication, RSA authentication, and CA Certificate.

6. Unified network management platform to automatically discover network topology, can be retrieved at any random network management unit.

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