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CWDM + FTTx Solution

Details introduction

CWDM + fiber access (FTTx) changeing the bandwidth ,while also changing the transmission network access layer structure,with the promotion of FTTx,the transport access layer is also facing the situation of re-design and construction. The development of the Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology is accompanied by the development of the Internet, the main reason of the development is because the development of network development has prompted the use of frequency long-haul WDM backbone network capacity of the outbreak, metro WDM technology as each network operators to pursue target. So it is very coarse wavelength division multiplexing technology valuable. Here are the advantages of CWDM technology and the application of CWDM technology in the access network.

Currently the solution of light replace copper can be summarized as two kinds of EPON solutions and POP point (MSAG, MSAN, DSLAM and other POP points) down solutions. Without considering the difference between the last mile access technology, the device comes down to customer access EPON central office or POP point upstream traffic significantly increased bandwidth, corresponding uplink interface bandwidth is usually FE or GE. Existing MSTP network in dealing with large particles GE businesses have significant deficiencies, and with the end-user access services increased bandwidth, the traditional STM-1416 MSTP ring line was not enough bandwidth use, township and figuratively all through the village road, and that the township to the county road reconstruction have become a bottleneck.

As shown above is formed using CWDM optical transmission access back into the copper layer bearer network diagram. CWDM network transformation through existing GE and FE services business through convergence by certain wavelengths CWDM to carry the original MSTP ring network services through a wavelength CWDM to carry. The program has obvious advantages

IP OVER WDM simplifies the network level, follow the trend of network evolution, to avoid wasting resources of SDH level, the use of CWDM & DWDM transparent transmission characteristics of the business, to meet the urban rich user’s types of business access needs.

Composition with higher cost CWDM transmission network access layer, low initial investment, with a smooth upgrade features original MSTP ring network services via Cutover with CWDM wavelength to carry a full use of the existing equipment resources; at the same time late easy expansion.

Improve protection mechanisms utilize WDM networks and mature telecom applications to meet the needs of urban users with high reliability and high QOS requirements in urban areas carrying SAN class of business has a natural advantage; a NGN/IPTV/3G/large customers and other Integrated business class hosting platform.

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