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10G EPON solutions

Renovation project’s features are as following:

1. OLT platform equipment used in the existing network expansion can be directly mixed into the 10G EPON board, supporting EPON, GPON and 10G EPON can coexist, only replace the existing network EPON MDU 10G uplink board.

2. Compatible with existing ODN and terminals, without change any ODN network, without the user's home wiring directly to achieve 10 times the bandwidth, project implementation and convenient, high opening efficiency, low investment costs.

3. The construction of the model has new one also existing network transformation, it can fully realize 10G EPON to compatible with existing networks and smooth upgrade capability.

4. 10G EPON EPON compared to no significant difference in the network model, it can fully compatible with EPON terminal, truly on-demand upgrade, in the case of the original investment protection devices full use of resources,reducing investment risk greatly.

5. 10G OLT + 1G OLT can be cascaded network, expanding coverage and distance.

Before and after the upgrade, a single port PON OLT (optical cable terminal equipment) access various types of terminals, an OLT port can be adaptive access up and down the line of symmetry, down the line asymmetrical, 1G and rate different levels of users, and it has the ability to access converged. Entire access network to maintain the existing network architecture, the original batch configuration without changing the basic data. Similar adaptive Ethernet port under each user can automatically identify different rates, adaptive access.

EPON and 10G EPON ODN can share deployed in the OLT side, ZTE OLT platform can be mixed into EPON / 10G EPON line cards for a total of platform management, while maintaining the original OLT platform upgrades can remain the same, only New 10G EPON line cards; 10G EPON OLT PON port to achieve at the same symmetrical 10G EPON ONU, 10G EPON asymmetric ONU, EPON ONU coexist, achieve end-demand deployment. For FTTB scenarios, 10G EPON MDU flexible modular card design, simply replace the existing EPON MDU a 10G EPON board to upgrade to the Alliance 10G EPON, effective protection of customer investment. For FTTH application scenarios, the need for higher bandwidth users can upgrade to 10G EPON ONU, want to keep the EPON ONU can be maintained, in order to upgrade on-demand.

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